Beach Clean Log - Week 2

Welcome to the 30 Day Beach Clean! Between March and April 2022, I combed Gyllyngvase Beach every day for 30 days to remove trash, plastic, and other debris that should not be littering this natural environment. Follow me on this exploration where I uncover just how much waste can accumulate in such a short period of time, on one beach. Check out Artificial Coast II to see the full story!

Day 8 Sunday 13th 17:53- 18:34

Huge amounts of seaweed washed up after yesterday. This means more plastic can be tangled in it. Found lots hidden today.

Day 9 Monday 14th 12:52 - 13: 25

Sunny. Small breeze. Lots of large objects found today like a worn down tennis ball.

Day 10 Tuesday 15th 16:10 - 16:46

Found lots of the same orange plastic from last week again today. I wonder what it is…

Day 11 Wednesday 16th 17:10 - 17:31

Still lots of seaweed to look through. The tide is in at this time today, so no rock pools to look through to find plastic that the sea has left behind. Small find todays, but found an AirPod.

Day 12 Thursday 17th 10:35- 10:58

Tide is completely out. Lots of space over the rocks and rock pools to explore.

Day 13 Friday 18th

Lots of the same broken down red plastic found today in one area, and the largest piece of sea glass I’ve ever seen!

Day 14 Saturday 19th 17:42 - 18:21

Windy. Grey. Tomorrow will bring more onto the shore because of the stormy weather. The tide is quite far in today at this point.

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