Beach Clean Log - Week 4

Welcome to the 30 Day Beach Clean! Between March and April 2022, I combed Gyllyngvase Beach every day for 30 days to remove trash, plastic, and other debris that should not be littering this natural environment. Follow me on this exploration where I uncover just how much waste can accumulate in such a short period of time, on one beach. Check out Artificial Coast II to see the full story!

Day 22 Sunday 27th 17:36 - 18:03

Today the beach is a lot more populated, bottle caps, cigarette plastic filter packets, beach party things found.

Day 23 Monday 28th 17:45 - 18:12

After a busy weekend for the beach, because the sun was beaming, there is lots of trash from the public on the surface. Strangely found a whole bunch of flowers at the back of the beach. What’s the story there?

Day 24 Tuesday 29th 11:09- 11:43

Big items found today like a hot water bottle and litter from Gylly beach cafe.

Day 25 Wednesday 30th 11:33 - 12:04

Cloudy grey day. Very random items found today.

Day 26 Thursday 31st 13:05- 13:40

Cloudy day today too! Lots of random trash found and another old receipt.

Day 27 Friday 1st 16:37 - 17:11

Squished coke can and lots of different colours to organise through! Cable tie found too, I imagined I would find more of these on Gyllngvase Beach. On previous beach cleans I’ve found numerous cable ties.

Day 28 Saturday 2nd 18:30- 19:13

Looking though seaweed today because the tide is in. Lots of deteriorated trash that’s clearly been stuck for a long time.

Day 29 Sunday 3rd 18:44 - 19:16

Looking trough the seaweed at the back of the beach today as found a lot recently. A broken down football found.

Day 30 Monday 4th 18:20 - 18:57

Colourful for the last day. Lots of complimentary colours and a collection of the same orange and grey plastic.

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